Establishing an employment relationship

Establishing an employment relationship

An employer may employ a worker on the basis of:

  • the contract of employment;
  • an appointment – some civil servants may be employed on the basis of appointment, especially in the army or health service. As a worker employed this way, you can be dismissed at any time;
  • an election – this kind of employment is concluded when the election results in the obligation to perform work as an employee. It refers mostly to authority members in social organizations, cooperative directors, management members in limited companies and of the kind, who are chosen in the act of election according to separate provisions; 
  • a nomination – this kind of employment functions in the civil service. It refers particularly to prosecution counsels, police officers, soldiers, public servants. For employment contract to be concluded, an a candidate must accept the nomination.
  • a cooperative contract of employment – it is an employment contract that can be concluded between a social cooperative and its employee.


There are various ways of concluding employment contracts. It all depends on which group of employees you belong to.

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