The term teleworking appeared in the 90s of last century, it was then also incorporated into the Labour Code. Such need for the regulations arose in response to the spread of new forms of work related to the development of new technologies, especially widespread access to the Internet.

The definition of teleworking states that it is a work on regular basis performed outside the premises, using electronic communication means in particular. The appearance of this type of regulations had a positive impact on the development of teleworking and flexible working. Teleworking is especially liked by women, who for example through performing work remotely may combine professional and family duties (childcare). In addition, teleworking increases the opportunity for employment of people with disabilities.

In case of flexible working it should be noted that it has not been defined in the Labour Code yet. However it is different from the traditional forms of employment. It is usually based on the civil law contracts and the dependence between the employer and employee is not as strong as in case of the employment contract.




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