Conditions of employment

Conditions of employment

The fact that the work is going to be performed in a form of teleworking may be agreed with the employer while signing the contract (then in the contract the conditions of performing work should be included). It can also be decided to switch to teleworking during the employment. In the latter case changing of the employment conditions may result from a mutual consent, or be initiated by the employee or the employer.


The employer should, when possible, agree to the employee’s application for switching to teleworking. 

If performing duties within teleworking will not meet the expectations of either of the parties or for some other reasons one of the parties will need to return to the traditional work system, within 3 months starting from the day the employee switched to teleworking either of the parties may put forward an application for a cessation of work in the form of telework and to restore the previous conditions of work. It should be executed not later than within 30 days since receiving the application. If, however, the employee applies after the expiry of that period, the employer is obliged to, of course as far as possible, take the request into account.

Many people probably wonder whether teleworkers are entitled to the holiday leave. Just like any worker employed under an employment contract they are entitled to paid holiday leave. However, considering task-oriented nature of the work, in connection with the holiday plans, the employer should provide fewer obligations for the month in which the employee plans for example two-week vacation.

The obligations of the employer when hiring teleworker:

  • to provide the employee the equipment necessary to perform the work in the form of telework;
  • to insure the equipment;
  • to cover the cost of installing the equipment, service, operation and maintenance;
  • to provide the employee with technical assistance and training necessary to operate the equipment.




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