Training courses and labour market services

training courses and labour market services

Labour offices support employers who care about professional development of their employees. Owing to this fact  you may apply for financial support intended for their employees’ training.

If you would like to help your subordinates in supplementing or changing their qualifications you may apply for reimbursement of the costs of employee’s training. Its aim is to facilitate or allow the employees to perform duties at the occupied position, it may also  increase their chances for promotion.

What is more, if you are going to recruit new workers and you would like to save time and resources, you can take advantage of labour office services such as vocational counseling and work exchange. All services are free of charge.

In the selected section you may find details regarding the conditions to be met when applying for financing the costs of staff training. There is also included some information about the way the labour office may support the recruitment process, and that is through work exchange and vocational counseling.

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