Employment support

Employment support

The employers who plan to hire an unemployed person, registered in the district labour office may apply for financial support, connected with the placement. That kind of activities provide mutual benefits: the employer may minimise costs related to the employment of a new worker, whereas the unemployed person gets the opportunity to find a new work.

What forms of support can the employers benefit from?

If you are interested in support offered by the labour office and at the same time you look for the opportunity to counteract the unemployment, you could apply for the reimbursement of the costs of remuneration, bonuses and paid social security contributions within intervention works or public works. You are also entitled to apply for the refund of social security premiums, as a separate form of support. Other aids you could take advantage of are, for example reimbursement of the cost of furnishing or providing additional equipment for a work-stand or trial periods.

Those and other labour market measures are described in details in the section you selected.

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