Employment support

employment support

All the forms of support available in the labour office are focused mainly on providing  the employment for the unemployed persons.

You are not sure what profession to choose? Vocational counsellor may help you with making the decision regarding your career path, whereas job placement officer may be of assistance when it comes to finding the suitable employment.

The district labour office may offer you various forms of support, such as intervention works, trial period, public works, socially useful works, vocational training at the workplace, financing the cost of travel and accommodation as well as the reimbursement of the cost of child care.

If you dream about opening your own business the labour office may help you by granting you a one-off subsidy for undertaking business activities.

If you wish to receive an assistance from the labour office within finding an employment or you would like to get ready for an interview and know exactly what advantages there are for an employer who hires an unemployed person, so you can convince him to employ you – all the necessary information you may find in the selected section. 

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