Registration in the labour office as an unemployed person enables you to take advantage of the assistance of the Centre of Occupational Activation within job searching, it also allows you to take part in various forms of support, if only you meet additional requirements you may receive benefits from the labour office.

On your first visit in the district labour office, when you register, you will be informed whether you are entitled to the unemployment benefit or not. What are the conditions to be met? You will find out when reading this section.

It is extremely important to become acquainted with all of the situations in which you may lose the unemployment benefit, in order to not to lose it of your own fault.

What are other opportunities to receive some allowances from the labour office? While taking part in different forms of activation, such as training, postgraduate studies, education continuation, and vocational training at the workplace you will be entitled to the scholarship. How much? Find out!

If during the period of unemployment benefit collection you find a job on your own, or being referred by the labour office – you will be entitled to the activation allowance.

In the selected section you may find details regarding the requirements to be met in order to receive various allowances from the labour office, as well as detailed information about situations when you may lose the right to receive such support. 

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