Postgraduate internship

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-01-13

The aim of the postgraduate internship is to help graduates to gain experience and practical skills necessary to perform work. It takes place on the basis of an agreement between the apprentice and the entity which takes the apprentice for the internship.

Who may take advantage of the postgraduate internship?

You may be enrolled for the postgraduate internship if you graduate from at least a junior secondary school  and have not turned 30 years of age on the day the postgraduate internship commences.

How long may the postgraduate internship last?

The postgraduate internship may continue maximally for the period of 3 months.
If the same employer concludes another contract with you, it may only last for the total period of 3 months.

Why is it worth taking advantage of the postgraduate internship?

By serving the postgraduate internship, you gain vocational experience and at the same time may be registered with the district labour office as an unemployed person.

Useful information

  • the amount of monthly remuneration for the postgraduate internship may not exceed twice the minimum gross remuneration for work (for a person to be still registered with the district labour office as an unemployed person),
  • if you have the right to the unemployment benefit, you will not lose it, provided that the monthly remuneration for the postgraduate internship will not exceed half of the minimum remuneration for work,
  • the postgraduate internship agreement cannot relate to the particularly dangerous work,
  • if you serve the postgraduate internship for free, you may terminate the contract in writing at any time; if receive remuneration - the contract may be terminated with a 7-day notice,
  • serving the postgraduate internship you are not entitled to the health insurance provided by the employer,
  • serving the postgraduate internship is a legitimate reason for failure in visiting the district labour office on indicated days in order to confirm one’s readiness to undertake work or other forms of support,
  • the employer, with whom you have been serving the postgraduate internship, is obligated to issue you, on your request, with a written statement of work and skills acquired by you during the internship,
  • the employer who takes you for the postgraduate internship provides you with safe and hygienic conditions of work, including appropriate personal protective equipment, as needed.

Legal basis

Act of 20 April 2004 on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions

The Act of 17 July 2009 on the postgraduate internship

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