The history of Zielona Linia

The history of Zielona Linia

How did it all started?

Zielona Linia is an innovative system of providing support to the customers of Polish labour offices, its prototype was created in the Podlasie province. In 2000 the labour offices located in that province decided to introduce an innovative approach to the problem of high rate of unemployment, that was additionally worsened by a low degree of urbanisation, which is characteristic for that particular region. The solution was either employing additional staff to serve the customers or to introduce a complete change of the way they were handled.

After the analysis of available technology, a new system of customer relationship management was introduced. It based on info line and the Internet – thus was called 24/7 System. It was the first such initiative in the history of Polish public sector – pioneering but yet incredible difficult to be implemented, because no one ever done it on such a large scale.

24/7 System was initiated as a part of the project titled “Labour Office 7 days a week, 24 hours a day” of Sectoral Operational Programme - Human Resources Development. The leader was Provincial Labour Office in Białystok, partners of the project were Podlasie Province Board together with 14 district labour offices from the Podlasie province.

Services of 24/7 System were available for customers of the public employment services in the region since November 2007.


In May 2008 a 7 months period of operation  of 24/7 System had been recapitulated. On the basis of customer satisfaction services and other analyses the evaluation of the components of 24/7 System were conducted. The new service was highly praised by its customers. Thus it was decided to extend the scope of its activities to the entire Poland. For this purpose, in October 2008 "Zielona Linia, The Centre for Information and Consultation" was launched. Within the centre there was also established national Contact Center in Bialystok together with more than 300, staying in touch with the Centre, Subscriber Service and Consultation Points located in the labour offices all over Poland.

On the 1st of January 2013 supervision over the Employment Services Centre for Information and Consultation "Zielona Linia" was taken over by the Main Headquarters of the Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP).
The info line is available for everyone who is searching for job offers, training opportunities, advice on the labour office in Poland and abroad. Just dial 19524. Another element of our Centre is web portal www.zielonalinia.gov.pl , that is the source of information on labour market and labour office initiatives.  Within the portal of Zielona Linia there is also a section called Returns (Powroty), dedicated to the persons employed abroad or coming back to the country.

Our web portal is all the time developed and enriched with new elements. Since January 2013 there were introduced following functions: 

  • Automatic search engine of job and training offers, and news from the regions,
  • Automatic search engine of workers,
  • Developed, available after logging in a panel dedicated to people looking for work (clipboard, notebook, opportunity to post many CVs and mark the one to be active – so it is available to employers),
  • Developed, available after logging in a panel dedicated to the employers (clipboard, notebook, improved search engine of employees),
  • Chat,
  • Virtual advisor
  • Customer surveys panel.

The services of Zielona Linia were also broadened by the information dedicated to the clients of Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP). Customers of info line may also contact with the consultants of Electronic Centre for Activation of Youth (ECAM) and gain information about the services of Voluntary Labour Corps.

This is not the end

Already achieved results are continually assessed and adjusted to the needs of labour offices’ customers. Service of contacting the customers via text messages is improved, to give them the ability to automatically receive newly appearing job offers. We are also going to integrate the websites posting job and training offers- both public and commercial. In addition, methods of rapid exchange of information and experience between the labour offices in the country are constantly being improved. All this so that everyone interested, without wasting his time, has easy and quick access to interesting information - staying at home or not leaving work.

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