The organizer of the Centre

The organizer of the Centre

Following the Decision of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 1 January 2013 supervision over the Employment Services Centre for Information and Consultation "Zielona Linia" is taken over by the Main Headquarters of the Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP).

(Decision No. 2 of 4 September 2012 on maintaining the sustainability of results of the system project implemented by the Centre for Human Resource Development under the contract no PO KL. 01.01.00-00-003/08-00 of 24 September 2008 entitled. "Zielona Linia. Employment Services Centre for Information and Consultation ")

Services provided to customers of the Public Employment Service as well as the form of cooperation with labour offices remains unchanged. At the same time due to the entrance of Zielona Linia into the structures of the Main Headquarters of OHP, its scope of activities will be expanded, with particular emphasis on the expectations of young people just entering the labour market.

The Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP) is a state organization, supervised by the minister competent for labour issues. OHP perform activities of the State in terms of employment and counteracting marginalization and social exclusion of young people, as well as tasks in the field of the education and upbringing.

The key objectives of the Voluntary Labour Corps include:

  • supporting the system of education through social, professional, and economic activation of young people,
  • undertaking actions aimed at the improvement of vocational qualifications of people or retraining,
  • supporting initiatives intended to counteract unemployment and to raise young people in the process of work performance, including organization of employment as well as organization of international youth co-operation.

The main goal of the OHP is to create adequate conditions for proper social and professional development of young people- including specific actions aimed at disfavoured youth supported by OHP. The support involves building a system of aid dedicated to the most vulnerable groups, organizing and supporting forms of going out of poverty, unemployment and social pathologies.

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