In order to take advantage of services and forms of support available in district labour office it is necessary to register. First of all you are obliged to select the proper status – an unemployed person or a job seeker, next step is to gather all the necessary documents.

Registration as an unemployed person is possible if you are not employed and you do not perform any other gainful work, additionally it is required to be able and ready to undertake full-time employment in a given occupation, as well as to meet other conditions. What exactly? You  may find out in the selected section.

As a job seeker you may register if you are seeking employment or other gainful work and you do not meet the requirements to acquire the unemployed person status.

In the selected section you may find details regarding the documents needed to register, the situations in which you may be revoked the status of an unemployed or a job seeker, a list of you obligations and rights in the district labour office.

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