Severance pay

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-06-16

Severance pay

Severance pay is a basic financial aid granted to employees whose contracts of employment were terminated on the basis of an outplacement programme. The amount of the severance pay depends on the length of the service for a given employer. However, it cannot exceed the amount of 1500% of the minimum remuneration for work.

The amount of severance pay is equal to the remuneration the worker (had he stayed employed) would receive for:

  • one month – if the worker has been employed for the period shorter than two years,
  • two months – if the worker has been employed for the period up to eight years,
  • three months – if the worker has been employed for the period of over eight years.

The employee will not be eligible for severance pay, if the employment contract is terminated:

  • with a notice of termination by the employee,
  • upon expiry of the term for which it was concluded,
  • because of the expiration of the employment contract,
  • without a notice of termination by the employer,
  • on the day when the work covered by it is finished.


The longer the period of work for a given employer, the higher the amount of severance pay!


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