Monitoring of the teleworker

monitoring of the teleworker

The employer, taking into account the nature of telework:

  • has the right to control the worker both as to the results of work performed, as well as how the duties are performed;
  • if telework is done at home, then the employer should have the right to perform an inspection for maintenance, inventory, service, or if necessary - repair and installation of equipment; 
  • in addition, the employer has the right to control the conditions of health and safety conditions that exist in the place of performing the duties by the teleworker. The first health and safety control the employer carries before the start of teleworking, as well as on the employee's application.

It should be also noted that the control should not violate the teleworker’s privacy. A practical solution is to make a separate agreement, which regulates the conditions of control of work performed by teleworker.

Control may be conducted only if the employee agrees. It may be done in any form, also through the electronic communication means, also over the phone. Such one-time consent allows the employer to conduct many unannounced controls during the employment and while performing duties by the teleworker.

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