The term "civil service"

The term "civil service"

What is a civil service?

Civil service refers to all the employees of the governmental administration of the Republic of Poland. Its main goal is to ensure professional, reliable, impartial and politically neutral execution of tasks of the state in central administration offices.

The civil service body includes:

  • Civil servants of the central level:
    • The Chancellery of the Prime Minister,
    • Ministries,
    • Central offices,
  • Local government administration:
    • Provincial and district veterinary inspectorates,
    • Provincial offices,
    • Regional Directorates of environmental protection
    • Provincial and district construction supervision inspectorates,
    • Police headquarters,
    • Headquarters of the national fire brigade,
    • Superintendent of school offices,
    • Tax offices and chambers,
    • Treasury control offices,
    • Statistical offices,
    • Military draft offices,
    • Mining authorities.

The civil service does not include employees of local government.

The civil service is divided into:

  • civil servants – people employed under an employment contract in accordance with the principles defined in the Act on Civil Service,
  • appointed civil servants - in accordance with the principles defined in the Act on Civil Service.




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