Holiday leave

Holiday leave

As an employee you are entitled to a holiday paid leave of:

  • 20 days – if your seniority is shorter than 10 years,
  • 26 days - if your seniority is at least 10 years.

Periods of study are also included in the seniority in the amount of:

  • 3 years – vocational school,
  • 4 years – secondary school,
  • 5 years – secondary technical school,
  • 6 years – post-graduate school,
  • 8 years – academy, university…

At your request the leave may be divided into parts, but at least one part should continue for no less than 14 calendar days. The employer is obliged to grant you the leave in the calendar year you have obtained the right to it, or by the end of the third quarter of a next year.

The employer is obliged to grant you on your request and within the time specified by you no more than four days off in each calendar year.

At your request the employer may grant you an unpaid leave, but the leave is not included in the seniority.


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