What are the requirements necessary to work in the police?

What are the requirements necessary to work in the police?

To be a policeman, you have to:

  • be a citizen of Poland,
  • have no criminal records,
  • be of an irreproachable repute,
  • enjoy full civil rights,
  • have at least secondary education,
  • be physically and mentally able to serve in armed forces,
  • be ready to submit to a particular service discipline,
  • give a guarantee of confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on protection of classified information,
  • being subject to military qualifications you should have legitimate military service status.

Qualification procedure involves the following steps:

  • evaluation of the documents submitted by a candidate in terms of their compliance with the requirements provided in the job offer,
  • test verifying the knowledge of candidate concerning the functioning of legislative, executive and judicial power,
  • physical fitness test,
  • psychological examination identifying intellectual abilities and personality,
  • interview,
  • the medical committee verification of physical and mental abilities of the candidate,
  • personal safety survey.

Qualification procedure for the Police service consists of non-point stages: submission of documents, verification of documents and the medical committee and scoring stages: knowledge test, physical fitness test, psychological test and interview.

What documents are required?

If you want to work in the police, you should submit the following documents:

  • application for admission to the service, addressed to the Provincial Commander,
  • filled in personal questionnaire,
  • photocopies of documents certifying the educational and professional qualifications (copies, originals should be made available for inspection),
  • military service book, if the candidate is subject to military service records,
  • other documents, if indicated in the notice.

In addition to documents submitted and the originals supporting education (for inspection), the candidate should also carry a national identity card.


Before applying to the police, make sure you meet all the requirements!


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