Liquidation of barriers

Liquidation of barriers

As a disabled person you can apply for financing the elimination of:

  • architectural barriers –  if he/she has difficulties in motion;
  • technical barriers or barriers in communication -  if it depends on the needs arising from the disability.

Disabled people cannot apply for financing elimination of functional barriers if within the period of three years before submitting the application, they received grant for this purpose financed by National Rehabilitation Found for Disabled People. However, if a person within that three-year-period before submitting the application received grant for elimination of architectural barriers, he or she can still apply for subsidy for the elimination of communication or technical ones.

Financing does not include expenses borne before granting financial means and concluding an agreement for that subsidy. The subsidy may amount up to 80% of the cost borne on the project implementation, but not more than 15 times the average remuneration for work.

A disabled person receives a grant on the condition that he or she contributes more than 20% of the entire value of the project from his own resources.

An application might be submitted in the Regional Family Support Centre appropriate to the applicant’s place of residence. There are no submission deadlines which means that you can apply during the entire year, provided that the institution possesses financial means for that purpose.


You can apply for financing the elimination of architectural barriers and communication and technical ones, simultaneously. 

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