This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09


Employees usually do not know that their employers plan to dismiss them until they see a notice. The termination of the employment contract must be made in writing. The employer does not have to hand in the notice personally to the employee. It may be sent by post. The employee may submit an appeal from such a notice within 21 days from the day he received the letter notifying of the termination of the employment contract.

In this section you may find information about:

  • types of employment contract termination,
  • groups of employees protected from dismissal,
  • appeal from the termination notice,
  • holiday compensation and days spent on job search,
  • severance pay,
  • employment certificate and PIT-11,
  • benefits after the employment contract termination.


  • a termination notice must be made in writing,
  • you may always appeal from such a notice.

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