Holiday compensation and days spent on job search

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09

Holiday compensation and days spent on job search

Holiday compensation

For an unused holiday the employer must pay the employee monetary equivalent. You are entitled to it when your employment contract is terminated or when it expired, and when you did not use your leave. The employer is not obliged to pay the compensation if he agreed with you that you will use your leave while being employed in the same company under another contract to be concluded immediately after the dissolution of the previous one.

An employee is entitled to that allowance on the day of the contract termination, so the employer should make the payment by that date. If the deadline is not met, he may be required to pay the employee interest for the delay.

Days off for job search

An employee, with whom the employer has terminated the employment contract with notice of at least 2 weeks, is entitled to paid days off for job search. However, if they are not used, there will be not monetary equivalent for those days.

An employee with whom employment contract has been terminated is entitled to paid days off for job search in the dimension of:

  • two working days - when two weeks and one month notice,
  • three working days - when three months' notice.


The right to receive the equivalent never depends on the way the employment contract is terminated.

You cannot resign from the right to equivalent or the right to annual leave! 

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