The Police work

The police work

The police as uniformed and armed formation serve the public and have been designed to protect the safety of people and to maintain security and public order.

The main tasks of the police include:

  • protection of life and health of people and of property against unlawful attacks violating these goods,
  • protection of public safety and order,
  • initiation and organization of activities that are aimed at crime prevention,
  • detection of crimes and offences, and prosecution of the perpetrators,
  • control of observance of regulations and administrative provisions relating to the public activity or binding in public places,
  • co-operation with police forces of other countries and their international organizations.

What departments do the police consist of?

The police consist of the following sections:

  • crime (including following divisions: operational reconnaissance, criminal investigation, forensic technology and surgical technique),
  • prevention ( including traffic department)
  • support (administration, logistics, training centres and police schools)

The police also includes judicial police,

The crime section deals with:

  • collecting evidence of criminal activity,
  • implementation of the administrative and legal actions related to the preparation of the criminal process,
  • cooperating with prosecutors.

Preventive section embraces:

  • beat officers maintaining contact with the local community,
  • traffic police officers who care about the order and safety on the roads,
  • units of police riot that patrol areas of the city, as well as police officers on duty who receive notification of issues requiring police intervention and transmit orders to other patrols.

Specialists sector embraces:

Specialists in various fields of activity who support other police sectors, namely:

  • anti-terrorist groups,
  • engineers,
  • computer scientists,
  • communication technicians,
  • experts in specific issues, e.g. in criminology

General Police Headquarters of Poland (Komendant Główny Policji )is the central organ of government administration responsible for providing people with protection and safety as well as maintaining security and public order. The organ operates directly under the Minister for Home Affairs.

Government administration authorities in the province are:

  • governor with the Provincial Police Commander acting on his behalf,
  • District Police Commander,
  • Police Station Commander


The career path in the police is complex one!



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