The requirements that a candidate must meet

The requirements that a candidate must meet

What requirements should you fulfill in order to be employed as a civil servant?

You may be employed with the civil service if you jointly meet the requirements listed below:

  • you are a Polish citizen (A non-Polish citizen may be employed only if he/she is a citizen of a EU member country or other country whose citizens are allowed to work in Poland. Nevertheless, those aliens cannot hold positions directly or indirectly connected with representing public authorities or protecting the interests of the Republic of Poland), 
  • you hold a full scope of civic rights,
  • you have no criminal records,
  • you hold qualifications required for the civil service.
  • you enjoy an irreproachable reputation in moral and ethical sense.

The process of recruitment

Any citizen is entitled to reach information about vacancies to be filled with the civil service. The recruitment for the civil service is open and based on competitiveness.

Civil servants are hired in the process of recruitment. The recruitment is organized by the Director of a given office who is obliged to disseminate information about vacancies in his office by placing a job offer in a publicly accessible place at the office headquarter and in the Public Information Bulletin of The Chancellery of the Prime Minister as well as in the Public Information Bulletin of the office in question.

The course of qualification procedure for nomination to the civil service

The qualification procedure tests knowledge, qualifications and predispositions necessary for executing civil service tasks. For a person to be nominated to the civil service one has to fulfil the previous requirements and be the one who:

  • is a civil service employee,
  • can prove a seniority of at least 3 years with the civil service (in some cases, the General Director of a office may allow an employee who has been employed for at least two years to apply for nomination),   
  • holds a M.A. degree (or an equivalent degree),
  • knows at least one foreign language among working languages of the EU or one of the following ones: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, Islandese, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian),
  • is a reserve soldier or is exempt from the general defense duty.   

The General Director of the proper office confirms the fulfillment of conditions specified above, on the basis of documents possessed by the office.

Additionally the General Director confirms that the service employee:

  • is a Polish citizen or a person referred to in art. 5 of the Act,
  • enjoys full public rights
  • has not been convicted of an intentional crime or deliberate tax offense

A civil service employee, to take part in the qualification procedure, shall submit application documents to the Head of Civil Service. Application to take part in the qualification procedure in a given calendar year shall be submitted in the period between 1st January and 31st May.

A person taking part in the qualification procedure shall make a payment equal of 35% of the minimum remuneration for work.

The Head of Civil Service within 14 days since the publication of the Budget Act announces to the public, by publishing an announcement in the Public Information Bulletin, the maximum number of new nominations in a given year.

In the course of qualification procedure knowledge, qualifications and predisposition necessary for executing the civil service tasks are tested. Results of the qualification are expressed in scores.

The examination finishes with a positive result  if the candidate obtains in each part of the test at least one third of the maximum possible in this section and when the number of points he obtains throughout the quiz is at least 3/5 of the maximum obtainable number of points throughout the quiz.

The minimum number of point is:

  • 30 points in the section testing the knowledge,
  • 20 points in the section testing the skills,
  • 90 points in the section testing the predisposition.


Since 1 January 2010 the qualification procedure has been carried out on the basis of new regulations.

On the day of nomination the recent employment relationship is converted into the employment relationship based on nomination!


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