Possibilities after dismissal

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09

Possibilities after dismissal

If you are dismissed from your employment after maternity, parental or childcare leave, you can register with the district labour office.

As an unemployed person whose situation on the labour market is special, you can be offered the following forms of aid by the district labour office:

  • aid in active search for a job,
  • vocational counselling, work exchange service,
  • trial period,
  • vocational training at the workplace,
  • intervention works, public works,
  • training, training loan,
  • post-graduate studies, scholarship for continuing education,
  • reimbursement of the costs born on the maintenance of a child (up to six years old),
  • reimbursement of the costs born on commuting or accommodation,
  • one-off subsidy for undertaking business activities,
  • loan for undertaking business activities,
  • activation allowance,
  • grants for telework.

You may also opt for flexible forms of employment, e.g.:

home-based work – entrusted work you may carry out at home,

substitute contract – you may be employed as a substitution for another person,

task-based working time – it is not specified hourly. Only tour tasks are determined,

equivalent working time – an employer may extend in some days your working time (up to 12 hours); however, any such period must be balanced with the day of shorter working time,

individual working time – an employer, on your written request, may establish an individual working time for you,

part-time working time instead of childcare leave - if you are entitled to the childcare leave, you can apply for a reduction in working time; however, new working time cannot be shorter than half-time,

teleworking – it is a modern form of work outside the company via information technology and modern means of communication.


If you bring up a child, you have special rights guaranteed by the Labour Code.

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