Current rates

Current rates

  • Benefits and scholarships

    Unemployment benefit
      Unemployment benefit - 80% Unemployment benefit - 100% Unemployment benefit - 120%
    During the first three months 689,20 PLN 861,40 PLN 1 033,70 PLN
    During the subsequent months of entitlement to the benefit 541,10 PLN 676,40 PLN 811,70 PLN
    Scholarships for the unemployed
      20% of the unemployment benefit 100% of the unemployment benefit 120% of the unemployment benefit
     Amount 172,30 PLN 861,40 PLN 1 033,70 PLN
    Type of benefit Training scholarship, Post-graduate studies scholarship Scholarship for education continuation Training scholarship, Scholarship granted during trial period and vocational training at the workplace

    useful information

    • Socially useful works - 8,50 PLN/hour
    • Unemployment prevention allowance - up to 50% of the unemployment benefit - 430,70 PLN
    • Vocational training at the workplace premium - 500,90 PLN/month
    • Expenses incurred on the participant of the vocational training at the workplace - 2% of the average remuneration for work - 96,78 PLN/month
    • Structural pension - 1140,99 PLN
  • Remuneration for work

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