Go for it

Go for it…

Several tips to remember when applying for a job.

Applying for a job

  • follow the rules written in advertisement,
  • inform your prospective employer that you intend to apply for the position.

Modes of sending:

  • post,
  • e-mail,
  • facsimile,
  • personally

Sending document by post:

  • before inserting the documents into the envelope, fold them properly,
  • below the address write the name of the position you are applying for.

Using e-mail:

  • call the employer before sending your CV,
  • remember about the attachments – check whether you enclosed them,
  • remember about the CV format – Word or PDF file,
  • entitle your documents understandably,
  • give your e-mail proper title including the name of the position, reference no., etc.,
  • do not expect the answer if you send a short message without your CV,
  • inform the recruiter about the attachments, otherwise he may not notice them,
  • include your photo in the CV but not as a separate file,
  • when sending your application to many employers use BCC field to hide the other e-mail addresses,
  • use the formal e-mail address e.g., kevin.clang@yahoo.com,
  • do not use such e-mail addresses  as for example lunatic@yahoo.com


Use the proper way of sending your application and make sure that the right person will receive it!

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