Sometimes it might happen that emphasizing your strong points may not be sufficient. However, there are other ways to make your CV attractive.

If you want to avoid having your CV placed in the bin, remember to:

  • use proper and clear type of font, (about 10-12); lower font is less readable; bigger might be treated as if we wanted to hide our lack of experience,
  • best fonts: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana. Do not use Times New Roman – lots of people use it, spaces between the letters are not equal which disturbs the harmony of the text,
  • do not use colorful fonts, images, coloured background, especially vivid colours making text hard to read, pictures, animated icons, banners unless you apply for advertising agency etc.,
  • use punctuators, indentations, different styles of the same font (bold / italics), but do not exaggerate. Do not use capital letters for the entire text,
  • pay attention to formatting of the text – set margins properly,
  • check the spelling twice,
  • add some figures e.g. how many people you supervised,
  • set the page vertically, even if you cannot fit the content onto the page, do not make it horizontally,
  • save your CV in the computer formats such as .doc and .pdf – the most popular file extensions. The PDF format makes your file change-proof, nobody can change anything.


The first impression is very important! It can make or mar your application!

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