Ideas for business

Get some inspirations for women's business!

Ideas for business

Despite some exceptions, there are several industries where women definitely dominate. What are the most popular among women kinds of business? If you are looking for inspirations, some of the ideas are presented below.

Customer service

Women feel very comfortable in branches connected with customer services. The reason is the fact that they possess a lot of innate empathy, the ability to listen as well as conflict resolution skills, but the most important is the fact that they warm the corporate image, which as a result may bring more customers in.

Artistic fields

Many women has artistic talents, which skillfully use. A lot of women’s business is connected with hand-made products such as hair ornaments, occasional invitations, jewelry.


Cooking becomes fashionable, it is a passion of many Poles. Out of that passion a lot of new companies emerged: atmospheric cafés, places offering dietary catering or serving homemade meals. Women sometimes fill in some niches or combine two branches together. Thus they open places serving cupcakes being pieces of art or companies specializing in baking fanciful cakes.


That is the favourite branch of most women. A lot of them decide to open a company operating in the clothing industry. There are second-hands, but also young designers workshops, lingerie shops, shops with clothes for children, or even shops selling clothes for special, hand-sewn dolls.


Being “eco” is trendy, but for some people it is the lifestyle. In response to their needs there are shops with organic food, cosmetics or detergents opened. An interesting idea is also “a second life” of many products – there is cardboard furniture, ecological toys, etc. Most of the companies are owned by women. Ecology is and probably will be for a long time fashionable, what is more it's a healthy fashion, so try to think about your own, eco-friendly business.

Online services

Almost every company operated nowadays is also present in the Internet (stationary and online shop, etc.). However there are branches associated only with the Internet. Idea for your own company may be for example services of virtual personal assistant (handling e-mails, appointments, reservations, etc.).

A lot of women, who like new technologies, should think of their own company operating in the Internet. They are usually programmers, graphic designers, copywriters or online marketing specialists. A lot of these women start their own web portals, its themes are usually issues connected with being a women, maternity. Passion may be also a source of the portal’s theme – for example automotive portal.


What else? Women have a lot of ideas for their own company. They open co-working offices, start companies offering shirt ironing services or open language schools. No matter how old you are, your fate is in your hands. If you have an idea for a business, or have troubles finding work, give it a go and start your own business.


There are institutions that were created specifically to promote women's entrepreneurship. It is worth to ask them for help!

Do not give up the dream – in order to open your own business it does not necessarily require large financial outlays!

Be attentive - use the opportunity, filling a niche service in your neighborhood!


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