What is a Covering Letter?

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09

What is a covering letter?

A covering letter (also cover letter, motivation letter) is a document that you usually send alongside your Curriculum Vitae. Its aim is to complement your CV and sell your skills and expertise to the potential employer of yours. It should show the employer that you are really interested in working for the company and you are the best candidate for the offered position. Furthermore, the cover letter should include your reasoning as to why you decided to apply for this particular job. What is more, you ought to demonstrate your knowledge about the company. It may be useful to give some information about your previous positions, experience, etc.

Cover Letter Tips

  • write your cover letter after you have finished your CV, 
  • print one-sided on A4 sized high-quality white paper, 
  • do not give the same information as you have already written in your CV, 
  • inform about the position you are applying for, 
  • explain your motivation, why you decided to apply for the post, 
  • avoid any redundant extras that can make the text illegible, e.g. watermarks, italics, 
  • when responding to the job advertisement, refer to the requirements included therein, 
  • give some information about the responsibilities you are or were entrusted with in your current or previous work, 
  • ask for the meeting to present your candidacy face-to-face, 
  • list the attachments, if any.


Address your covering letter to a named individual!


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