Ways to fight stress

Ways to fight stress

Stress may be controlled, levelled or even fought against in many different ways. It is useful to have a closer look at some basic methods. They can be particularly useful in stressful situations, such as a job interview. Often, especially if you are particularly keen on the result of the conversation, the stress connected with it can be magnified, which negatively affects your self-presentation in front of the employer.

taming stress

If you happen to be in a stressful situation, such as an interview, you should tame the stress. How to do this? First of all, the simplest solution is a loud naming the thing that you suffer from. You have the right to say that you are stressed and this may result in nervousness or a quavering voice. Loud expression and naming the situation that you feel, reduces its negative impact.

Thorough knowledge

Your stress during an interview, as well as in case of any other important exam may destroy your thorough preparations to that event. Therefore, it is useful to be well prepared for an interview, know the history and scope of activity of the company to which you are applying. It is important to gather additional information about the organization, its partners and to check the remuneration on the position you are applying to. A lot of people find it difficult to propose the remuneration they would like to receive – do not overestimate yourself, but also remember not to undervalue your skills and experience. If you take into account your experience, financial capacity of the company and the amount of remuneration for similar positions, even the question on the amount of salary should not be distressing.


This is a key ability of every employee. If you apply for a job, you should stay positive and imagine only positive outcome of your actions.  Positive attitude reduces the negative effects of stress. So do focus on your strengths to then skillfully expose them during the interview.

Good method of strengthening self-confidence during the interview is its previous simulation. It is helpful not only for persons who are looking for work for the first time in their life, but also for those who look for job after a longer break. Such simulations are particularly useful if carried out in front of a camera and are discussed later on for example with the counselor. Practicing difficult situations reduces the risk of unforeseen circumstances, and as a result it may strengthen your self-confidence.

Another way of strengthening self-esteem is also good appearance: smart clothes, hairstyle and discreet make-up.

Other methods

Among various methods to fight the stress it is good also to try relaxation techniques. It includes the art of breathing.

If you start to control your breath and give it a peaceful rhythm - it can positively affect your physiology, and thus the emotional state. 

Visualization is another technique, in which you use your imagination either to move to other pleasant place or to see the surrounding reality differently.
In case of the interview – it is good to focus mostly on controlling your body and emotions.


Often, it is your attitude during a job interview (not just your knowledge and experience), that determines its outcome.

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