Training loan

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-06-16

What is a training loan?

The term “training loan” refers to a loan granted to an unemployed person to finance a training course, undertaken by an unemployed person or job seeker in order to facilitate undertaking or maintaining a job or business activities.

How much time do you have to pay off the loan?

The term of its payment should not exceed 18 months since the day of completing the training indicated in the contract.

What should you do to get a training loan?

If you are interested in a training loan, you should apply for it to your district labour office.
Information about rules and requirements for granting a training loan is to be obtained in a competent district labour office.

Why is it worth applying for?

The district labour office may grant you a loan for financing the cost of training that can reach up to 400% of the average remuneration for work (see the current rates), which will enable you to undertake employment or other paid work that requires special qualification.

Useful information

The loan is interest-free.

In case of using the loan for purposes other than those specified in the agreement, failure to start training or to complete training, the loan shall be repaid immediately in its full amount, together with the statutory interest.

Legal basis
Act of 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labour market institutions (Article 42)

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