The reimbursement of the costs of child care

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-01-22

What is it?

The district labour office may refund the documented costs child care of:

  • a child or children under 6 years of age,
  • a dependant, that is a person in need of permanent care due to the health condition, connected by family ties or kinship to the person covered by labour market services and instruments or sharing the household with such a person.

Who is eligible for the reimbursement?

You can apply for the reimbursement if you jointly meet the following requirements:

  • you are an unemployed person and you maintain single-handedly at least one child under 6 years of age or a dependant,
  • you undertake employment or other paid work; or you are assigned for a trial period, vocational training for adults or other a training course,
  • your remuneration for work does not exceed the minimum remuneration for work (see the current rates).

How long can you receive the reimbursement?

If you undertake employment or other paid work you can receive the reimbursement for the period of up to 6 months,

If you are assigned by the district labour office to carry out a trial period, vocational training for adults or a training course, the district labour office may refund the costs of the child care for as long as a labour office instrument is applied.

What should you do if you want to receive the reimbursement?

In order to apply for the reimbursement you should submit the application along with the documents that confirm the costs that you bore (e.g., an invoice from the nursery school) to the competent district labour office.

Why is it worth applying for?

You may receive the refund equal to the half of the unemployment benefit referred to in Article 72 par.1 of the Act (see the current rates).

Useful information

The district labour office, on your request, may grant you an advance for the child care.

Legal basis
Act of 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labour market institutions (Article 61)

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