The loss of the benefits

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-01-13

The loss of the benefits

When do you lose  the unemployment benefit?

You will lose the unemployment benefit on the day you lose the unemployed person status.

You may lose the unemployment benefit, if you:

  • refused – with no justified reason – to accept a proposed appropriate job, other gainful work, training, work practice, apprenticeship for adults, to perform intervention work, public work, to undergo medical or psychological examinations aimed at establishing the ability to work or participate in another form of assistance defined in this Act
  • after referral did not take the training, apprenticeship for adults, work practice, execution of works referred to in  Article 73a, or other form of assistance specified in the Act.

When are you not entitled to the unemployment benefit?

If you:

  • have received a benefit provided for in other regulations in the form of one-off money equivalent of miner’s leave, one-off social severance payment, allowance severance payment, financial severance payment after social allowance, one-off conditional severance payment or financial unconditional severance payment;
  • have received compensation for reduced employment termination notice period;
  • within a period no longer than 10 days, stay abroad or are in another situation resulting in inability to undertake a job – you will not receive the unemployment benefit for that period
  • performed work under an activating contract, referred to in the Act of 4 February 2011 on the care of children under 3 years
  • conducted economic activity outside agriculture and paid preferential social security contributions
  • voluntarily paid social security contributions
  • the unemployment benefit collection period is reduced by the period of employment as part of intervention works or public works and by the period of apprenticeship, training or vocational training at the workplace was attended that fell to the period when a benefit would be granted and for the periods of benefit non-eligibility.

Legal basis

Act of 20 April 2004 on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions (art. 33,73,75)

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