Temporary residence and work permit

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-01-13

Temporary residence and work permit 

What is it?

It is a single document aimed at foreigners who stay in Poland with the intention of performing work. Such persons may now apply for both a work permit and residence permit in a single procedure.

A temporary residence and work permit is granted if:

  • a foreigner who has health insurance or conformation that costs of medical treatment on the territory of Poland will be covered by an insurance company,
  • a foreigner has a stable and steady income that is sufficient to cover costs of living of the foreigner and his/her dependants,
  • a foreigner has a place to stay in Poland,
  • the remuneration offered to a foreigner is not lower than that offered to a Polish citizen for a comparable work in a comparable position,
  • the competent district office could not find a suitable candidate among persons registered with that office as an unemployed person or job-seeker.

The amount of remuneration divided by the number of persons in a household must be higher than the minimum income as referred to in the act on social assistance.

In the case of some professions a foreigner must additionally submit documents confirming that he/she has the right to undertake a given job in Poland.

A foreigner must not apply for a temporary residence and work permit if:

  • he/she is under any type of protection in Poland: a refugee status, supplementary or temporary protection, permit for tolerated stay, residence permit for humanitarian reasons or asylum;
  • he/she waits for a decision as regards the refugee status or asylum;
  • he/she has a permanent residence permit or long-term residence permit in the European Union;
  • he/she stays in Poland on the basis of a Schengen visa granted for humanitarian reasons or reasons concerned with the best interests of the Republic of Poland;
  • he/she is held in custody or stays in a guarded centre for foreigners;
  • he/she may voluntarily leave Poland within a period indicated in the decision on obligation to return;
  • he/she is obliged to leave the territory of Poland as a result of refusal to extend a Schengen visa, a temporary or permanent residence permit (or withdrawal of such a permit), denial to grant international protection or withdrawal of residence permit for humanitarian reasons;
  • he/she is a worker delegated to work in Poland by a foreign employer;
  • he/she entered the territory of Poland on the basis of entry simplifications for foreigners who come to Poland for reasons related to trade or investments;
  • he/she runs a business in Poland.

A foreigner is obliged to:

  • immediately submit an application for a new work permit if working conditions change (unless it is a change in the company name, address or type of business entity or rise in pay) and not submitting it may result in withdrawing the permit;
  • inform the competent Province Office about the loss of employment within 15 of the last day of work;
  • submit to the competent Province Office an application for exchanging a residence card in case of any change in data on that card (e.g. address).

Legal basis

Act of 12 December 2013 on alien (Articles 114-126)

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