Funds from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled (PFRON)

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09

Funds from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled (PFRON)

A person with disabilities may apply for the support from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled.  The funds obtained in this way may be used not only for starting one’s own economic activity, but also starting an agricultural activity or joining the social cooperative.


PFRON is the beneficiary of the system of the Operational Programme Human Capital Priority I - Employment and social integration, Measure 1.3 - National integration and professional activation programs, Submeasure 1.3.6 - PFRON - system projects.

National and cross-regional projects of professional activation and social integration, realised by PFRON, are dedicated to the people with disabilities with particular emphasis on the use of modern technologies and projects that promote flexible and innovative forms of employment.

Contact details to the particular offices and regional branches of PFRON are available at:

The conditions to be met in order to receive a one-off subsidy for undertaking business activities, agricultural activities or joining the social cooperative

If you want to receive this kind of help, you have to be the person who: 

  • is disabled, registered in the district labour office as an unemployed or as a jobseeker being not employed.

The basic condition is to be a person who has not received so far any one-off subsidy for undertaking business activities.

The amount of subsidy:

  • the maximum amount of the subsidy is equal to 15x an average remuneration for work;
  • in case of the agricultural activity the amount of the funding may not exceed 7500 EUR.


The exact amount of funding is going to be stated in the civil law agreement. The obligations of both of the parties – the district governor and the disabled person are also included in the agreement.

Stages of applying for subsidy:

  • You need to download the application, available in the labour office competent for your place of registered address or on its website. Remember also that the employees of the district labours offices may give you some advice on how to fill in the application. 
  • Submission of the application to the district governor competent for your place of registration in the district labour office.
  • Processing of the application (typically takes up to 30 days). The district labour office while processing your application, takes into account the following:
    • the anticipated economic results of the project,
    • permits and underwent training of the applicant,
    • the supply and demand of the local market for the planned activity,
    • detailed specification of purchases under the proposed measures,
    • the amount of own resources of the applicant,
    • the amount of the funds allocated for grants during the year.
  • Negotiations conducted between the district labour office and the disabled person. The outcome of the negotiations is for example the amount of the subsidy and other terms and conditions of the agreement (i.e. the kind of surety, deadline for the settlement of the aid received).
  • Signing of the agreement.


The applicant is required to run the business for at least 24 months, only then the grant is non-returnable.

The subsidy for undertaking business activities, agricultural activities or joining the social cooperative is granted within the de-minimis aid.

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