Financing the costs of examinations and licenses

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2020-01-13

What is it for?

Financing the costs of examinations and licences is granted by the district labour office upon a jobseeker’s written request. The labour office may finance costs of examinations which result in issuance of diplomas, certificates, obtaining occupational qualifications, professional titles, as well as costs of acquiring a licence required to practice a profession. The district labour office will finance the costs of examinations or licenses in the amount not exceeding the average remuneration for work (check the current rates).

Who can apply for financing the costs of examinations and licenses?

You can apply for financing the costs of examinations or licences if you are registered as a jobseeker and additionally meet one of the following requirements:

  • you are working out your notice of the termination of the work contract or service contract for reasons related to the work place,
  • you are employed by an employer who has been declared bankrupt or put into liquidation, except for liquidation aimed at privatization,
  • you receive a welfare benefit granted to persons on miner’s leave or miner’s welfare allowance, defined in separate provisions,
  • you participate in an individual integration programme, referred to in the provisions on social welfare
  •  you are a reserve soldier,
  • you receive a training allowance,
  • you receive a training pension,
  • you are liable to social insurance for farmers as a household member or a spouse of a farmer and you intend to undertake employment, other paid work or non-farming business activity,
  • you are at least 45 years old and you work on an employment contract or perform other paid work,
  • you are a foreigner with a temporary residence and work permit granted in relation to the circumstances referred to in Article 144, Article 159 par.1, Article 160, Article 161, Article 186 par. 1 points 1, 2, 4, 5 or Article 187 of the Act on aliens or temporary residence permit referred to in Article 114 par. 1, Article 126 par. 1 or visa granted for the purpose of performing work on the territory on the Republic of Poland.

What should you do if you want the district labour office to finance the costs of examinations or licenses?

If you are interested in this labour market instrument, you should submit the application form to the competent district labour office. You should attach the following docuements:

  • a document that confirms that undertaking appropriate employment by you is probable (e.g. declaration of a prospective employer that he/she intends to employ you under the condition that you take an examination or acquire a licence, or a declaration that you plan to start a business),
  • a document including the name of examination, certificate, licence, etc., start and finish dates and the costs. 

Why is it worth applying for financing the costs of examinations or licences?

This labour market instrument may help you gain new qualifications, which – in consequence – will improve your chances on the labour market.

Useful information

If the district labour office accepts your application, a contract is concluded between you and the office. The contracts includes the following information:

  • name and date of examination or acquiring a licence, etc. as well as the name of the examining institution or institution issuing a licence, etc.,
  • costs of an examination or licence,
  • the district governor’s agreement to finance the costs of an examination, licence, etc. (the district labour office sends money directly to the bank account of the institution),
  • the applicant’s obligation to return the costs if they resign from taking an examination or acquiring a licence without a justified reason,
  • the applicant’s obligation to inform the district labour office about the results of an examination or the fact of acquiring a licence along with a document confirming it.

Legal basis
Act of 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labour market institutions (Article 40 par. 3a)

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