Financial help offered by the European Union

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2021-06-09

Financial help offered by The European Union

Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme (PO WER) 

Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme (PO WER) was created in relation with the needs of reforms in the areas of employment, social inclusion, education, higher education, health and good governance.

Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme (PO WER)  includes measures targeted at unemployed young people aged 15-29 (especially those who do not participate in education and training - the so-called NEET youths).

The main tasks of the programme, relating to the employment of young persons, include instruments and labour market services aimed at developing the entrepreneurship and self-employment. Young people, interested in running their own business, can apply for support, such as:

  • subsidies for the establishment of the company,
  • counselling (individual and group) and training courses that will provide the participants with knowledge and skills essential for starting and conducting a business,
  • the bridge support.

Regional Operational Programmes

There are also other programmes that support entrepreneurship. Each province has its own Regional Operational Programme. Financial help are granted to applicants who submit the most innovative projects. Check whether the programme that functions in your region offers such support.


Each institution offering resources from the EU has separate procedures. Therefore, it is important to check the principles before taking part in the project.


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