Basic information

This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2017-01-05

Basic information

Types of childcare

The childcare service can be performed:

  • in crèches,
  • in local children’s clubs,
  • by a daycare worker,
  • by a nanny.

The childcare functions to be implemented:

  • educational,
  • pedagogical,
  • tutelary.

When children are eligible for the above types of childcare?

The above types of childcare may be performed until the end of school year during which a given child turns three years old. In the case when placing a child in a nursery school is impossible or hindered, the childcare may be extended by another year.


When a child aged 3, is placed in crèches or local children’s clubs, or is looked after by a daycare worker, the child's parents are required to tender evidence to the entity maintaining the care about the obstacles in placing a child in a nursery school.


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