This article is written according to the legal status current as of: 2017-01-05


Conducting crèches and local children’s clubs requires registering. The official register is kept by a village administrator, mayor or city president appropriate to the place where a crèche and/or local children’s club is run. The register is published in the Public Information Bulletin of a given commune.

What documents are required in order to register a crèche or local children’s club?

Along with the application form you should submit the following attachments:

  • an excerpt from the public docket confirming the status of the entity, in the case of a legal person or organizational unit without legal personality,
  • declaration of REGON and NIP number,
  • a statement that the facility meets the requirements of crèches’ and local children’s clubs’,
  • a statement of no criminal record for a crime committed intentionally, in the case of a legal entity.

Additionally, you should present:

  • a document that confirms a legal title to the premises,
  • an identity card or other document confirming identity in the case of a natural person.

How much does it cost to obtain the entry?

The entry is subject to a charge that constitutes the income of the commune. The amount of the charge though must not exceed 50% of the minimum remuneration for work.

Liquidation of the entry or any alterations to it are free of charge.

When may an application be rejected?

The application is rejected in the following cases:

  • the premises does not meet the requirements of crèches’ and local children’s clubs’,
  • a final decision has been issued prohibiting the entrepreneur from undertaking such a business activity.

When may your entry be removed from the register?

Your entry may be removed from the entry when you:

  • submit a written request for removal of the entry,
  • do not remove the irregularities in the conduct of business within the determined period,
  • provide in the application and accompanying documents information inconsistent with the facts.


You are obliged to inform about any alterations to the entry within 14 days.



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